2011 Resting State

The Topical Multimodal Neuroimaging Symposium is organized as part of the Summer Workshop to demonstrate the synergy among multiple imaging modalities for solving questions related to the specific topic, which is changed each year. This Symposium is open to the public but registration is required. MNTP Summer 2011 Workshop Symposium will be on "The Resting State, the Default System and Neural Connectivity" (Date: July 14 - July 15, 2011)
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External Speakers
1 Apostolos Georgopoulos University of Minnesota
2 David Leopold NIMH, NIH
3 Elliot Stein NIDA, NIH
4 James Hyde Medical College of Wisconsin
5 Marc Raichle Washington University
6 Mark Lowe Cleveland Clinic
7 Olaf Sporns Indiana
8 Peter Bandettini NIMH, NIH
9 Timothy Murphy University of British Columbia

Scientific Committee
1 Peter Strick CNBC Co-Director
2 Seong-Gi Kim MNTP Co-Director