2010 Visual Cognition and Computation

A series of lectures are given to teach the principles, limitations and required instrumentation for different imaging modalities and to show examples of multimodal imaging approaches for neuroscience research.

The Topical Multimodal Neuroimaging Symposium is organized as part of the Summer Workshop to demonstrate the synergy among multiple imaging modalities for solving questions related to the specific topic, which is changed each year. This Symposium is open to the public but registration is required. MNTP Summer 2010 Workshop Symposium is on "Visual Cognition and Computation" (Date: July 7 - July 8, 2010)

External Speakers
1 Edward Boyden MIT
2 Uri Hasson Princeton
3 Dan Kersten University Of Minnesota
4 Eero Simoncelli NYU
5 Frank Tong University of Vanderbilt
6 Teresa Wilcox Texas A&M University

Scientific Committee
1 Michael J Tarr Chair, Carnegie Mellon University
2 Marlene Behrmann Carnegie Mellon University
3 David Plaut Carnegie Mellon University
4 Carl Olson Carnegie Mellon University